Oreo's Page
This is Oreo,  the dog that started it all. He is the best dog in the world. Oreo is probably the most virtuous dog on the planet, and only needs one leg to earn his CD title!. He is extremely gentle with kids and other animals. I can't imagine life without him around. He loves the water, and I love to watch him when he has picked up the scent of a groundhog, or fox, or a deer or any other critter we have residing on the farm.  His enthusiasm is breathtaking. Oreo is our best friend.

At left is Oreo at the Airedale Terrier Club of Canada Specialty in Sarnia, 1998. 

                            To the right is our boy relaxing at home, doing a little cow watching.  He is emulating Gizmo, our Shih Tzu, who often reclines there.

Oreo's Pedigree
Ch. Bengal Saladin
Am. Eng Arg. Ch Bengal Sahib Ch. Carnon Corn Dolly
Am. Mex. Ch. Stone Ridge Bengal Bravo Ch. Stone Ridge Union Jack
Ch. Stone Ridge Gingerdale Ch. Stone Ridge Abigail Addams
Ch. Stone Ridge Count Nikolai Ch. Siccawei Galliard
Eng. Ch. Turith Adonis Ch. Prelude of Turith
Stone Ridge Madam Oglesby Ch. Finlair Tiger Of Stone Ridge
Ch. Stone Ridge Eau d' Evalynn Ch. Stone Ridge Tamar
Altor Ch. Stone Ridge Bengal Bravo
Ch Stone Ridge Count Nikolai Ch. Stone Ridge Madam Oglesby
Ch. Silvervalley Oadrun Sam Spade Ch. Joleeaire Alexander Dumas
Ch. Silvervalley Wildwood Flower Ch. Silvervally Reina
Beatrixe L P Ch. Jolee Airee Wizar Of Id
Ch. Jolee Aire Montezsooma Ch. Jolee Aire Camelot.
Jasperine Ch. Alpencaire Ungawa
Gerraldien Trudilent Of Ratje

There are more pictures of Oreo and his best friend Gizmo our Shih Tzu